Is it a Good Idea to Work in PPC?

Is it a Good Idea to Work in PPC?

Is it a Good Idea to Work in PPC?

In 2009, Aaron Wall wrote a short feature about the cut-throat nature of working in the pay per click industry for in which he documented some of his concerns about the future of pay per click. The feature discusses a number of different lines of thought, but some of the most interesting include his concerns about whether or not pay per click would be able to stand the test of time against rising competition from the SEO network.

Wall was interested in whether or not pay per click would remain a viable source of online marketing for most businesses. He was particularly interested in whether or not business owners would continue to invest in the outsourcing of their pay per click management needs in order to better control issues with click fraud.

Three years later, pay per click remains an incredibly important part of the online marketing industry and the majority of business owners still choose to outsource the management of their pay per click campaigns to expert pay per click management companies because they are interested in striving for online marketing excellence and willing to pay for it.

SEO remains a huge element of the online marketing panorama, but pay per click advertising still definitely has a firm seat at the helm of the online advertising ship for most companies.

Indeed, it is not only established businesses or large corporations which continue to benefit from the effects of pay per click advertising. An interesting article about Alec Brownstein, published on CNN Tech, documents this pay per click-savvy advertiser’s rise to employment success thanks to the effects of a single $6 Google Campaign and a little bit of entrepreneurial genius.

Like any industry, working pay per click can take its toll at times. For instance.....

Pay per click managers normally work alone, which requires a huge amount of self-discipline
Pay per click managers regularly work from home, via telecommute positions
Results are everything and it is easy to lose pay per click clients to competitors on the prowl
The industry is forever changing and so it feels as though the work is never done and you are never really an expert in your field

However, the merits of working in pay per click definitely outweigh the problems faced or the irritating difficulties that pay per click managers must endure on a daily basis. Pay per click expert, Jeff Allen, over at PPC Blog, puts into 10 simple sections exactly what it is that makes working in the pay per click industry worthwhile for him.

His thoughts are thoroughly explained and, for anyone considering a career in pay per click management, well-founded too. In particular, he notes that working with an unlimited budget and across every kind of online marketing channel that exists can be incredibly liberating. Who doesn’t want to feel creative at work and inspired by their job?

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