The Disastrous Effects of the telecommute PPC Management Diet

The Disastrous Effects of the telecommute PPC Management Diet

The Disastrous Effects of the telecommute PPC Management Diet

Is the Internet and the world of Internet Marketing killing the positive relationship that we should have with food, taste and specific meal-times; those times which are devoted to the sharing and the enjoyment of the natural fuel that we all need in order to keep functioning?

As a telecommute PPC Management Expert, my work takes place in the comfort of my own home, in front of the computer screen and via Skype connection meetings with clients and fellow telecommute PPC Managers on a daily basis.

Knowing that I eat, sleep and work at home, one might think that as opposed to someone who has to leave their house and work in an office environment, I have time and resources to be able to eat well and cook myself a proper lunch (instead of eating a bakery-made sandwich or grabbing a MacDonald’s burger at the very last minute of a very busy day).

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that this is not the case. My diet as a telecommute PPC Manager, one of those employees of the Internet phenomenon who spends all their time staring at web pages and making changes to things called “keywords” day in, day out, is abysmal. Indeed, not only is my diet shameful and worrying, but I do not make time to enjoy my food, to digest my food and to experience the few flavors that I might add to my meals from time to time.

The act of eating for a PPC Manager working from home, or any other employee who is a product of our Internet-obsessed world, is highly robotic. When I eat, it is no different to what happens when I fill up my car with petrol. It serves a purpose... the ability to keep on going and nothing more. At the very extreme, eating is a nuisance; something that gets in the way of the things I have to complete during the day.

I eat all my meals in front of the computer screen. I make no time to stop and experience my food and enjoy what I give my body to eat. What’s more, the diet that I offer my body is boring, highly repetitive (the menu does not change from day to day) and, without a doubt, the food that I consume is not doing my body any good in terms of nutrition.

Is this the fault of my Internet-focused lifestyle? Is this the telecommute lifestyle that many other people are living in the world? Yes, yes and yes again. Our Internet-based lives are robbing us of our taste buds and robbing us of the beauty behind eating that we used to really see as being important in life (the family dinner, the breakfast together before heading off on our various ways).

PPC Management has robbed me of my positive relationship with food and it seems that it might be time for a real overhaul of what I have let get entirely out of control.

What does a telecommute PPC Management Expert, obsessed with the Internet, eat on a daily basis?
Lots of coffee... too much!
Pots of tea, when the coffee has run out
Biscuits which we dunk into our hot beverages (at least one packet in one sitting)
A croissant or other form of pastry when the packets of biscuits become monotonous
Bowls of cereal, particularly at night as a “healthy” snack
Sandwiches bought from the bakery around the corner, consisting more of bread than filling
Never anything that might require a knife and fork

How does the advertising expert, working from home, eat each meal?
Naturally, the list of food above reveals the fact that the idea of a PPC Manager stopping work at any point in order to eat is just ridiculous. This means that all meal times are spent in front of the computer screen and they are spent alone.

The idea of food involving anything social is just a little pointless at this stage of the game. Time spent with others, eating with others and talking with others while eating is time lost in front of the computer screen, working on the optimization of a “very important” PPC Marketing Campaign.

The sensation and taste from the food that we consume has also been lost over the past decade. Little importance is paid to taste, more importance is given to speed and ease of eating, as well as whether or not that food will help to keep us going for just a few more hours.

No thought is given to the menu, we eat the same food every day at the same times and the idea of adding in a spice or an herb to what we consume requires far too much creativity and thought which has already been used up in the development of a marketing campaign for one of our clients.

What might be the future result if PPC Managers, working remotely, and other Internet-based workers continue to reinforce this negative relationship with food?
I used to love food, I was taught about the importance of meal times with the family at the dinner table as a child. I used to enjoy cooking and the experimentation that comes with it at the point of creation in the kitchen.

However, I fear that a life which continues to be controlled by the powers of the Internet and life revolving around telecommute employment runs the risk of developing a society full of physically weak human beings and human beings who have forgotten about the finer things in life.

We still find time to go to the hairdressers instead of cutting our hair ourselves and we make time to go to the cinema instead of downloading all the movies we can from the Internet at home, so why do we not put the same emphasis and importance on food, diet and the act of eating like we used to?

How can we make changes to our eating lives for the better?
For me, most definitely, the time has come to make a change. I cannot allow my telecommute PPC Management lifestyle rule the way in which I care for my body any further. If I don’t make these changes, I know that I will continue to miss out on things in life that really help to make the days pass with a smile.

The problem lies in how to manage these changes, because Internet-based work, done from home, does entrap you into its world without you realizing that you are hooked. Hours go by and you suddenly find that you are starving and the idea of cooking something at that point is out of the question because of the level of hunger that you have.

So... what is the plan? How can we begin to get back to eating well and enjoying / valuing what we eat? Here are a few tips that I plan to put into action from tomorrow...

1. Cook something large that will last for an entire week of lunches and can be reheated within minutes (like a lasagna or a pie).
2. Set my alarm to go off every four hours to remind me to stop and get something to eat.
3. Deliberately eat two meals a day that require a knife and fork and plate, so that I cannot stay in front of the computer screen.
4. Chew my food and taste what I am eating, deliberately choosing to spend more time eating on a regular basis.
5. Invite friends to dinner or reorganize the family so that they expect to eat together every night, which will force me to stop working and spend time with them too.
6. Avoid buying coffee (it takes away the hunger I have and I live on a liquid diet when I have it in the house... it is the devil!)
7. Only buy those packets of biscuits that are made up of 4 biscuits - the lunch-pack kind. Eating an entire packet of biscuits is inevitable, but if the pack is small, the damage done to my diet will be less.
8. Get up, read my mails, deal with urgent issues that will require less than half an hour of my attention and then stop working altogether. I will make time for breakfast to encourage my body to begin the digestion of my day in the right way. Best foot forward and all that!

If you have read this post, then you understand. If you feel too that your Internet-based job or lifestyle is depriving you of your positive relationship with food, make a change. Let’s get back on track with healthy, happy eating together.

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