PPC Managers at Webrageous are the Best in the Industry

PPC Managers at Webrageous are the Best in the Industry

Webrageous has been successful at attracting some of the industry’s leading Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign managers to join its Google AdWords management team. The company has several PPC management jobs available for experienced individuals who are eager to join one of the industry’s most trusted online marketing firms.

Google AdWords is our chosen advertising platform and our managers are experts at carrying out campaigns across the Search, Display and Mobile Networks. All our Google AdWords account managers are Google AdWords Certified.

Prior to handling accounts, managers have to demonstrate that they know the AdWords platform in great detail and can manage campaigns at the highest level. Many of our clients spend upwards of US $10,000 a month on Pay Per Click advertising. As a result, we expect the highest level of dedication possible from our campaign managers.

Webrageous’ ppc account managers are highly skilled, results-driven and have proven time and again their ability to impact the lives and businesses of those advertisers who come to us for help. Pay Per Click management is all about driving quick but relevant and sustainable traffic to any given client’s website.

The ultimate goal of our campaign managers is to create effective ppc campaigns which lead to lots of conversions. For some clients conversions are purchases on a website or online registrations. Regardless of the conversion goal in question, our managers work hard to increase conversion rate and reduce ROI.

The ppc managers who work for Webrageous must be able to double conversion rates over the course of a few months whilst incurring little or no additional costs to our clients. We want ppc managers who are excellent at optimizing ppc campaigns while giving our clients the best online marketing for their investment.

Our campaign managers understand that the world of ppc is fast paced and demanding. They know this sometimes means burning the midnight oil to solve a problem with an account. They are also cutting edge and keep abreast of what’s happening in the ppc industry. The application process is tough and the training exercises they we expect our managers to complete are also highly demanding.

Do you think you have the potential to be one of the best ppc managers in the industry? Fill out the employment form at www.webrageousemployment.com. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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