Could you sell Google AdWords Advertising to an alien? Webrageous wants to hear from you!

Could you sell Google AdWords Advertising to an alien? Webrageous wants to hear from you!

Are you a results-driven and performance hungry online marketing expert? Do you dream of retiring the briefcase, working while working out and throwing away that stuffy tie for good? Do not despair, our award winning Pay Per Click advertising company is hiring right now.

If you believe that Google AdWords is the best PPC platform around and you are excellent at driving home the sales pitch you may just be the person we need. We are looking for someone who can sell salt to a snail or AdWords to an alien. If that’s within your scope of abilities, continue reading.

We want people with expert knowledge of the Google AdWords product or who have worked in marketing. You must be able to demonstrate that you been successful in the world on online marketing, preference will be given to applicants who have outstanding sales experience in Google AdWords. Knowledge of the Google Adwords Display and Search Networks is highly valued.

Do you speak Spanish? French or any major International language? Don’t hesitate to let us know. We run several multilingual campaigns and are always on the lookout for multilingual talent. However, 100% fluency in the English language is definitely required for our sales staff.

A first degree in marketing, communications, business administration or a related degree is compulsory for all our applicants. You must also have access to high-speed internet and be willing to work Mondays to Fridays, 8 hours a day.

More about Webrageous
Unlike many Pay Per Click advertising companies we take painstaking steps to ensure that we hire only the best writers, PPC managers, management assistants and sales staff. A lot of the success Webrageous Studios has amassed over the years is due in part to our employment culture.

As an expanding company we are constantly recruiting. Last year we had almost as many new employees as we accepted new clients. It’s a model that doesn’t work for every PPC advertising company, but one that works excellently for us. This is underscored by our 100% client retention rate in 2012. That’s right, we did not lose one single client over the course of last year. In the highly competitive world of Pay Per Click advertising this is virtually unheard of.

We expect the same kind of obsession with perfection from you. Don’t contact us if you’re not driven, solutions-orientated, a good listener and have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Don’t contact us if you don’t love a challenge, getting new customers and winning others over with solid arguments. Don’t contact us if don’t want to be number one!

For more information, contact our Human Resources
team at and fill out our employment contact form.

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